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I’ve decided to highlight various Grenadian genealogical information I’ve come across online.  The first of this “series” is the extensive information collected by Desmond Preudhomme of  Toronto on the following families (this is an abridged list as the full list is very long):






























According to the page Desmond’s contact information is…

Desmond T W Preudhomme

78 Mayfield Ave

Toronto, Ontario M5S 1K8

416 760 7492


I am sure he would appreciate being able to connect with more relatives and discover additional family information.


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George Brizan’s histories of Grenada are chocked full of names and other information that may be useful to genealogists. Here are some tidbits I copied down from Grenada: Island of Conflict. Warning – they are disjointed:


William Smith, Englishman, owner of Revolution Hall Estate (now called Brothers)

Mentions Alexander Campbell and Lt. Governor Ninian Home as planters at this time


Lussan, a merchant from Gouyave is mentioned [ I think this is the surname now spelled Lusan]

Balthazar Estate is owned by de Poulain

Julien Fedon owned the large Belvedere Estate in St. John’s


Domingo Sebastian DeFreitas mentioned as a planter from St. John’s and a Member of the Governor’s Legislative Council in the late 1800s


Magistrates and Special Justices


TA Sinclair

Mr.  Cayley

Mr. John Ross

Mr. Garraway until early 1836 when he was replaced by Fraser


John Ross

T. Cayley [most likely the same man as above]

L. Walsh

CS Fraser

TA Sinclair


Chief Justice – John Sanderson

Ass. judges: LJ Walsh and John Wells

Special justices: CJ Fraser, RM Jephson, Julien DeGourville and Philip Staunton


Plantation managers in the 1830s

Mr. Leid – Mt. Reuil Estate

Mr. Agar – Mt. Gay Estate

Dr. John Brown – Clark’s Court Estate


Bocage, Pearls, Boulogne and Madeys Estates owned by Theophilus Law

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In sacred memory of Agnes Quashie, Died March 19 1976 Age 59 and Angelina Quashie died July 30, 1978 age 84 [joint plot]


Leslie Bailey 1932-1998 Rest in peace Rathern than mourn the absence of the flame, let us celebrate how brightly it burned.


In loving memory of Phillip P. Boney 3rd Died 31st 1966 Aged 73 years RIP

In loving memory Edith Boney Died 4th Jan 1984 Age 92 RIP


In loving memory of Arabella Ferguson 1878-1968 RIP


In loving memory of Geraldine Ferguson 1874-1964 RIP


In loving memory of Irene Rosamund Smith Died 13th Feb 1963 Aged 75 years


In loving memory of ___ Louise Smith


In loving memory of Thomas Egbert ___ Smith Died 16th Aug rest was illegible


Beloved daughter Venessa Maria Regis 1971-1987


In ever loving memory of a dear mother Bernadine Barbara James who fell asleep 2nd Dec 1993 Age 71 years Sadly missed yet not forgotten

In ever loving memory of a dear father Abraham Lincoln James who fell asleep 19th Jan 1980 Age 56 years Sadly missed but not forgotten

[side by side plots]


Jason Wilson Pistone


In loving memory Aron Z Mohammed 18 Nov 1966 April 1968



In loving memory of Edward R Watts Born 10th Jan 1891 Died 31st Jan 1977 Age 86 years


In loving memory of Dr. Lincoln Radix Died 17th Nov 1977 Age 65 RIP


In loving memory of Gertrude Babb Died 9th May 1981 Age 65


In loving memory of Inez Trimmingham Davis,O.B.E. [this is Order of the British Empire] Jan 28 1916 to May 17 1996 Her son Benjamin Davis


Rest in peace In loving memory of Benjamin Davis Feb 16th 1915-April 17th 1993


In memory of Catherine Davis beloved mother of Benjamin and Linda age 86 years


In loving memory of Lucy Perrotte Wilson who died 22/5/? Aged 65 years


In loving memoryof G. Sebestina Modeste Died July 1977 Age 79 years RIP


In loving memory of Christopher Maitland Died 7th Feb 1977 Age 72 RIP


Sir Hudson R Scipio Born 21st Jan 1911 Died 29 June 1995 Rest In Peace


In loving memory of Alfred Dick Bailey 1924-2002 Death, Part of Life


Robin B. Robertson Sunrise 10/2/1950 Sunset 30/8/2002 In our hearts forever


Eileen Bailey Born 31st May 1919 Died 19th Jan 1995 In our hearts forever


Resting here is Clara Bailey Born 28 Jan 1902 Died 3 June 1993 Awaiting resurrection


In loving memory of Sheila Eudora Nedd born 12th Nov 1913 Died 15th July 1985 RIP


In loving memory of E. Frankie Cherman Born 12th Nov 1913 Died 15th July 1985


In loving memory of CDC Hosten 1948-1977


In loving memory of Doreen Ena Nedd Born 5th Sept 1911 Died 2nd March 1977 Rest in Peace


In memory of a loving husband and father E. De Vere Archer Died 6th Feb 1978 Age 84

Irene May Archer Oct 2 1916 June 7 1987

[joint plot]


Peace In loving memory of Gertrude Redhead Pitt A devout mother and trusted friend 1890-1975 May she rest in peace


In loving memory of Dr. David Thomas, The Lord Pitt of Hampstead in Greater London and Hampstead in Grenada, President of W.I.N. 1943-1946 Tdad, Co-founder anti-apartheid London 1958 Chairman of GIC 1974 President of BMA 1985 3-10-1913 – 18-12-1994 RIP


In loving memory of Essa Hadeed Died 28th July 1991 Age 66 RIP


In loving memory of Floretta E. Maitland Age 79 Died 4.9.82

Wilfred A. Maitland Age 84 Died 9.1.81 Love’s last gift remembrance


Rest in peace Diana Hadeed Born Syria 23 Jan 1951 Died Grenada 15 Sept 1988 None knew thee but to love thee


In memory of Habib Elias Hadeed CBE Born 25/2/1924 Died 27/2/2002 I dreamt and lived my dreams while honouring family and fiends always with thought for my fellow men


In loving memory of Allan Anthony La Grenade 1916-1988 But the souls fo the virtuous are in the hands of God: No torment shall ever touch them.


In loving memory of Sibyl La Grenade 1924-1991 We are only the earthenware jars that hold this treasure to make it clear that such an overwhelming power comes from God and not from man


In loving memory of Annie Campbell wife of Joseph C. Campbell Born Oct. 19 1919 Died Aug 26th 1999


In loving memory of Joseph C. Campbell 1918-1984


Johnson Jeffrey 7/19/63-11/5/90 Sacred heart of Jesus pray for him


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