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The Anglican High School Past Pupils group has created a website on which they are displaying the history of the school in photographs and text.

The group is currently looking for photographs of the school’s former principals but would no doubt welcome any other photographs/documents you could send that would show school history.

You can contact past pupil Susan Patrice nee Griffith ’75 at 240-472-2140 or via a form on the Past Pupils website.

They are missing photos for…

Ms. Estelle Garraway

Ms. Marion A Bertrand

Sis. Frances Margaret of the Sisters of The Community of Jesus of the Good Shepherd

Ms. Dennis – 1 term 1963

Mr. E. DeVere Archer
(1963-1965) (acting)

Ms. Margaret Forder

Ms. Minnie Kemp

Mrs. Glenda Mason-Francis

The Anglican High School, St. George’s, is a prestigious secondary school for girls and has turned out many accomplished pupils.


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George Brizan’s histories of Grenada are chocked full of names and other information that may be useful to genealogists. Here are some tidbits I copied down from Grenada: Island of Conflict. Warning – they are disjointed:


William Smith, Englishman, owner of Revolution Hall Estate (now called Brothers)

Mentions Alexander Campbell and Lt. Governor Ninian Home as planters at this time


Lussan, a merchant from Gouyave is mentioned [ I think this is the surname now spelled Lusan]

Balthazar Estate is owned by de Poulain

Julien Fedon owned the large Belvedere Estate in St. John’s


Domingo Sebastian DeFreitas mentioned as a planter from St. John’s and a Member of the Governor’s Legislative Council in the late 1800s


Magistrates and Special Justices


TA Sinclair

Mr.  Cayley

Mr. John Ross

Mr. Garraway until early 1836 when he was replaced by Fraser


John Ross

T. Cayley [most likely the same man as above]

L. Walsh

CS Fraser

TA Sinclair


Chief Justice – John Sanderson

Ass. judges: LJ Walsh and John Wells

Special justices: CJ Fraser, RM Jephson, Julien DeGourville and Philip Staunton


Plantation managers in the 1830s

Mr. Leid – Mt. Reuil Estate

Mr. Agar – Mt. Gay Estate

Dr. John Brown – Clark’s Court Estate


Bocage, Pearls, Boulogne and Madeys Estates owned by Theophilus Law

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