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I recently came across the online genealogy tool, Geni.com and I’m hooked.

Geni.com let’s you create a private online tree (you must be a member of Geni.com and have been invited – the default is that you be a family member – to view a given tree). You can manually enter your tree or start it by uploading a GEDCOM file.

Geni’s features foster family connectedness – there is a discussion forum, internal e-mail, special event reminders, an address book, and places to post photos and video. One feature I find quite interesting is Statistics which allows you to see, for example, how long your relatives have lived on average, where most were born, etc.

Geni is also interactive so there can be organic sharing of information.

Anyway, larger than the fun of its individual features is the potential that Geni.com represents for Grenadian genealogical research. Since Geni automatically shows you potential duplicate individuals in other trees, allows you to search its databases for potential matches and lets you link (with their agreement) to related trees, it presents the potential of mapping the whole island of Grenada.

As I dig further in my research, I become more and more certain that almost all Grenadians are somehow related. Geni.com could allow us to not only quickly fill in the blanks in our own trees but map Grenada.

So far, some Grenadian families are taking advantage of Geni. I’ve found trees that contain the following names so far:




















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The following is information I’ve gathered from The Grenada Revolution Online website – there were no footnotes to it, so I am hoping that someone can confirm the information. The primary focus of the article is the labour movement activities that took place at the River Antoine Estate, but as it gives information about the DeGale family and history of the River Antoine Estate, I thought it might be useful in other respects:

The River Antoine Estate is located in the parish of St. Patrick, near Tivoli and La Poterie villages and is today a functioning sugar cane farm and rum distillery.

The Estate, originally French owned, was sold to the British Captain Grant in 1724. In turn, it was sold to John Glean and Thomas Henry DeGale II, a person of mixed race, who had been freed from slavery by his [white] father’s will of 1831.

Thomas DeGale II married Henrietta Otway and had 12 children, including two sons (one named Frank) and a daughter, Jessie, who ran the Estate. David DeGale, one of the Thomas DeGale’s grandchildren, is cited in the Grenada Revolution Online article.

By 1946, the DeGale family owned 11 estates, including River Antoine, comprising 2,080 acres of land.

Former River Antoine estate managers mentioned in the article: In 1980 Percival Campbell, previous to Campbell, a Mr. Talbert, and before him, Roy Donald.

Additional article on the labour history and activism surrounding the Estate

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